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Why Sport42?

Lots of people do not have a sports partner. That is one of the main reasons for many people not to take part in sports. Sport42 is the solution. Many members have found their ideal sports partner. A dance partner, walking mate, cycling partner, golf partner or other sports partners. Besides, playing sports is a fun way to meet new people. You get to know each other during a walking or cycling trip. Definitely more fun!

What is Sport42?

Are you looking for a walking mate, dancing partner or other sports mate? Than you have found the right website. Every day members find their ideal cycling mate, eager fitness partner, fun walking partner or experienced dance partner. Do you need to see it to believe it? That is possible - on Sport42 you can look around for free. Just try it, unsubscribing is just as easy by using the unsubscribe form. You can meet your fun sports partner in your area today!

What do other people write about Sport42?

  • Finding a sports partner

    Review by : jimbo8 (M/74) Palm Springs

    Last month

    great site

    I highly recommend this site for people looking for other people who are into sports.. I left this site because I moved to the Philippines...

  • Finding a sports partner

    Review by : Bustyourass (M/49) Parma

    This year


    It is a very nice website to meet someone who is into the whole fitness mojo and a place to find common ground with your possible mate of the future! Good luck to al ... More >

  • Finding a sports partner

    Review by : SerenaTorino (F/39) New York

    This month


    Great website. I could meet a lot of friends.

  • Finding a sports partner

    Review by : Moikka22 (M/46)

    This year

    Only i want change the contry

    Very good .

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